7 Best Navigation App For Minimize Your Location Time

7 Best Navigation App

If you are going to a new place, then it is possible that you will not be aware of the routes there. In such a situation, it is better to ask for a way than wandering somewhere or stopping the car frequently, you can use apps like GPS and navigation on your smartphone. Next we have given information about popular and special applications for GPS and navigation.

Waze – GPS, Maps& Traffic

By downloading this application you can easily use GPS and Navigation. In this, apart from the map, you will also get information about shops, hospitals, schools and police, etc. located there. You can also get information about traffic jams and parking. 

Waze will automatically change your route based on real-time traffic, construction, accidents and police presence so you can reach your destinations as fast as possible. You can also stay connected with Facebook through this app. You can download the Waze-GPS, Maps and Traffic app on Google Play Store for free.

Waze – Download Android 


Google Maps

You can easily use Google Maps offline as well. In this you get the facility of offline navigation. Along with this, many more special features are available in this map. that work online only. One of the special features of which is traffic update information.

In this app you will get maps of 220 countries and regions. Also there are several modes of navigation available. Here you can also get information about traffic updates. That is, if you are going out of the house, Google Maps is of great use to you.

Google Maps – Download Android


GPS Navigation

The specialty of this app is that you do not need to be online to get information about the routes in it. Rather you can also use it offline. It also comes with great features like multi-language voice navigation, speed limit warning and free map updates. Maps of this app are updated free every month.

Along with voice guidance in different languages, you also get the option to choose 2D and 3D modes in it. Apart from this, the option of day and night mode has also been given in this app. GPS Navigation is available on Google Play Store .

GPS Navigation – Download Android


Sygic GPS Navigation

The specialty of this application is that offline navigation can be used in it. Along with this, you have also been given the facility of speed limit warning in this app.

Apart from maps and navigation of a place, you can get live updates of the traffic there. You can also see the parking facility and its price there. GPS Navigation & Maps Sygic can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

Sygic – Download Android



MAPS.ME offers entirely offline navigation services, so driving directions are always available, sans hiked data usage (and the accompanying higher phone bills). Driving, walking, and cycling directions are available, and the maps will highlight points of interest along the way.

A comprehensive bookmarking system allows users to flag places they’ve visited and loved and even share them with friends.

Maps.me – Download Android


Apple Maps

If you have an iPhone, you know Apple Maps. The driving directions app is the default on all iOS devices and is a solid option for navigating. It will get you where you need to go with minimal frills—perfect for someone who might get overwhelmed by restaurant pop-ups or traffic alerts mid-drive.

Apple Maps – Download iOS



Using Maptive’s online route planner you can quickly determine how much time you will need to get to your destination alternatively you can run a proximity analysis to determine how many locations you can reach in a specific time frame.

This tool works by analyzing Road networks to determine your drive time it can also calculate drive time if you need to reach multiple destinations

This tool will show you the most efficient route to reach one or more locations including what order you should make each stop how however if you prefer to order stops yourself you can use the drag and drop function active well then automatically create a new route and drive time.

Maptive – maptive.com


The best way to get where you are going quickly is to plot your route with an online tool or app. Above you will find our 5 best suggestions for tools that will minimize your drive time freeing you up the up to spend less time behind the wheel.


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