CEO Nasser Al Khater Said: A lot of genuine football fans from India

CEO Nasser Al Khater Said: A lot of genuine football fans from India

According to Nasser Al Khater, the fans who were seen organizing the parades in the days leading up to the World Cup were real, and most of them were from India.

The majority of the fans came from Kerala.
Disputed claims of “paid fans”
Kerala’s top sport is football


Nasser Al Khater, the CEO of the 2022 World Cup, has replied to claims that “paid fans” were planning rallies in Doha before the World Cup. He denied the allegations and asserted that the majority of those supporters came from Kerala, a southern Indian state known for its intense football fervor.


Nasser Al Khater said in a statement to the media, "They are primarily from the Indian community (in Qatar), particularly those from the south of India. I am aware that football is the most popular sport in Kerala. Although everyone believes that cricket is the most popular sport there, football actually holds the top spot.

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"There are many sincere followers of ours from the south of India in Qatar. They are true football fanatics who genuinely adore the game. We are aware that they hold expertly planned tournaments. They are true football fans who are organized on a weekly basis, have sponsorships, and have a lot of support behind them.


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