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Who is Chad Hurley

Chad Meredith Hurley is also known as Chad Hurley. He is an American webmaster, Businessman and Co-founder of YouTube. Chad Hurley founded YouTube in 2005 with his friends Steven Chen and Jawed Karim. Before Co-founding of YouTube Hurley worked in eBay’s PayPal division.

He is also known for the PayPal logo. However, after creating YouTube with his colleagues Chad Hurley’s primary responsibility is to handle the video sharing and tagging of users uploaded content. In October 2006, Hurley and Steve Chen signed a deal for £1.5 billion, selling the platform to Google.

Chad Hurley Social Media profile

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Twitter. @chad_hurley

Chad Hurley birth and education

Chad Meredith Hurley was born on 24 January 1977 in Reading, Pennsylvania, USA.
He is the middle sibling of three children. He is the son of Don and Joann Hurley. In his childhood Hurley found interest in arts and then after in computer’s and electronics media during their teenage. Chad Hurley done their graduation from Twin Valley High School in 1995 and after that got a BA in Fine Art from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1999.

Professional life of Chad Hurley

Chad Hurley worked in eBay’s PayPal division. He is known for their designs and their PayPal logo but he left their job and in 2005 became a co-founder of YouTube. After one year they signed a deal for £1.5 billion for selling it to Google. About 6 years of selling YouTube on August 8,2013 Chad Hurley and Steve Chen founded Mixbit, a video editing or sharing app. After that Chad Hurley holds various investment assets and a large share of Google stock. In 2021, Hurley announced to joining the ownership group of the English Premier League football club.

Personal life of Chad Hurley

Chad Hurley was married to Kathy Clerk in 2000. She is the daughter of James H Clerk a Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Chad and Kathy Hurley had two children but their names have not been revealed to the media after the couple were divorced. After a few years of divorce, Chad Hurley remarried Elise Walden in 2020.

Chad Hurley net worth and collection

Chad Hurley’s net worth is around £810 million in 2023. Chad shows an interest in the collection of cars. He owns an expensive car collection that he started in 2008. In his collection includes Lamborghini Aventador, Rolls Royce Phantom, Audi RS Q8 & Aston Martin DB11, a Mercedes Benz and Range Rover autobiography.

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Chad Hurley Awards and Achievements

Chad Hurley achieved various awards and honors. He won a PIAA award in high school when his cross-country running team became champions from 1992 through 1994. In February 2007 The Vanguard award was achieved by Hurley and his colleagues for his outstanding performance in new media and technology for the creation of YouTube.

Important and Interesting facts about Hurley

  • Chad Hurley has an older sister Heather and Brent a younger brother.
  • YouTube was sold by Chad Hurley in 2006 for £1.5 billion to Google.
  • Affairs – As per the sources Chad Hurley has never had any affairs and like other celebrities, he also likes to keep his life private.
  • Married – Chad Hurley was married to Kathy Clerk in 2000 but they were divorced after few years of marriage. Hurley got remarried in 2020 to Elise Walden.
  • Chad Hurley has an estimated net worth of £810 million.
  • Chad Hurley has two children from his first wife but their names have not been released publically.
  • Chad Hurley has a multitasking personality. He is an Entrepreneur, Businessman, Webmaster and advisor.


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