Big Scarr Death Reason

Big Scar died of a drug overdose on 22 December 2022.

Big Scarr Age

Big Scarr Age was 22 years old. Big Scarr was born on April 7, 2000, in Tennessee, US.

What happened to big scarr?

Big Scar is no longer with us, he had overdosed on drugs, due to which he died on 22 December 2022.

Big Scarr's height and weight

Big Scarr Height is  5 Feet 9 Inches and his weight 70 Kg.

Big Scarr real name

Big Scarr real name is Alexander Woods.

What was Big Scarr’s net worth?

Big Scarr’s net worth was around $1.3 million.

Big Scarr’s Genres

– Hip hop – Southern drill – trap

Big Scarr’s Labels

– Atlantic – 1017

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