13+ Famous Best Chrome extensions for bloggers 2022

Today I will share with you the 13 Best Chrome extensions for bloggers which will prove to be very important in advancing your Blogging Career. And will also help in making your blogging career easier.

Although there are many chrome extensions that are very important for a blogger, out of them all, I have found 13 best extensions for you. So let’s know without delay what are those chrome extensions and what are they useful for.

Here are the best chrome extensions for bloggers:

There are also some such extensions that are also paid, but you get many of their features even for free. That’s why you can also use all these Chrome extensions for free.

SEQ Quack

It would not be wrong if SEO Quack is called the best Chrome extension. With the help of this extension, you can improve the SEO of your blog.

Almost all big bloggers use the SEO Quack chrome extension. If you are not using SEO Quack yet, then you must use it. This is a very beneficial extension for any blogger.

How many pages of any website are indexed on Google, Bing, Yahoo, it gives complete information about it. The Age of the domain tells the Alexa Rank.

You can see the complete details of your competitor’s website with the help of this extension. You can check the backlink of a webpage or website.

Try this extension – SEQ Quack

Keyword Everywhere

The Keyword Everywhere chrome extension is used to find keywords. When you search your Focus Keyword in Google, the Keyword Everywhere extension gives you a list of many keywords related to that keyword on the side of the search engine result page (SERP).

With the help of this extension, you can easily find Query related to Long Tail Keyword, LSI Keyword and Focus Keyword and use them in your article.

Try this extension – Keyword Everywhere

Block Yourself from Analytic  

Whenever we create a new website, we have to customize our website, for which we have to open the website again and again. Due to which Google Analytics also counts our own views.

This thing is very bad in the eyes of Google. Through the IP address, Google finds out from where the website is being visited. Then we need a tool that blocks our own views from analytics.

In this case, Block Yourself from Analytic chrome extension comes in handy. In this simply you have to add your website which you have to customize. After adding the website, this extension will prevent your own views from being tracked by Google Analytics.

Try this extension – Block Yourself from Analytic  


Whenever you open a website or watch a video on YouTube, you have to face many misleading ads on it. But you can disable those aids with the help of this extension.

It provides you a safe, secure, and ad-free browsing experience. Also, it helps in opening your web page faster.

Try this extension – AdBlock

Moz Bar 

Whenever we create a backlink from a website, we have to check the Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Spam Score of that website.

Mozbar proves to be very helpful in this case. It easily tells DA, PA, SS of any website. All you have to do is sign up for this extension with your Gmail ID. Then Mozbar extension will do the rest.

You all must know that DA provides PA to Moz website. This extension is also a product of Moz. The paid version of Mozbar is also available in which you get many extra features.

Try this extension – Moz Bar


This is a very helpful and most used chrome extension. Whenever you write an article in English, there is some grammar or spelling mistake in it.

In such a situation, when you have Grammarly extension, it tells you where the mistake has happened and gives you some suggestions related to that mistake. Most of you bloggers must have known about Grammarly.

Try this extension –  Grammarly

WordPress Theme and Plugin Dedicator

Scan WP is a very amazing chrome extension. Sometimes when you visit a website, you like the theme of that website, and you also want to apply that theme to your website.

Then in such a situation, Scan WP is very useful for you, it easily tells which Theme and Plugin is used in the website. You can also use that theme in your website.

Try this extension – WordPress Theme and Plugin Dedicator

Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder 

If you are on mobile then it is quite easy but if you are on desktop or laptop then this extension is going to be very useful for you with the help of which you can easily take a screenshot of any web page or image and the same By editing on it like cropping, drawing, adding shape, adding text, highlighting the area, blurring sensitive information, etc. you can save

Also, you can record your browser screen with its help. But the length of the video is limited to 5 minutes.

Try this extension – Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder 


Buffer is a very useful extension if you want to share your content on social media platforms (eg – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter).

With its help, you can easily share your content on different social media platforms. In its free version, you can share your content on your 3 social media accounts. The paid version of the buffer is also available.

Try this extension – Buffer 


Do you also want to know the color of your competitor’s website or logo? If yes, then with the help of this extension, you can easily know the color of your competitor’s web page.

Its quite easy, you first go to the extension then click on the arrow option from it then take that arrow near the color you want to color code.

This extension is used by many bloggers or even developers, which makes it easy for them to create any graphics, page, layout.

Try this extension – Colorpicker

Word Counter Plus

Yes, with the help of this, you can know about any blog, in how many words it is written.

It is very easy to use, this is a chrome extension with the help of which you can get the number of selected topics

Select some text on the webpage, right-click and choose Word Counter Plus Menu. It shows you the number of words, the number of characters, and the average and longest word length of the selected text.

Try this extension – Word Counter Plus


Do you also want to know which font your competitor is using in his/her article?

You can also use this extension to know the font of the particular website or web page that you visit. Apart from this, you can also know about the height size of the font and other things.

Try this extension – WhatFont

VPN Free – Betternet Unlimited VPN Proxy

Being bloggers, we spend most of our time researching the internet and writing blog posts, creating backlinks, managing social media accounts, etc.

That’s why we need to keep our data and personal information safe online.

The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network. This is a type of network that is used to secure private networks and WiFi. This is a very good technique. With the help of which you can transfer your personal data anywhere by protecting it from hackers.

Virtual Private Network secures all types of data whether the data is important or not. Data can be secured by using a VPN on both computer and mobile. You can transfer data anywhere without hacking it. And can open any blocked website.

Try this extension – Betternet Unlimited VPN Proxy

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