How to Become a Content Writer [Steady Guide 2022]

Today I will share with you How to Become a Content Writer. Content writing is something with which we all are familiar as it is not a newly built concept. Everything we consume from newspaper articles, storybooks, novels to comics; all of are filled with information and are brimming with content.

How to Become a Content Writer

However, in this article, we are going to talk about a relatively new niche of content writing which is online content writing services.

With the emergence of the worldwide web in early 1990s, there was an incredible escalation in online activities. Every single business wanted to have their own websites so that they can cater to their respective customers’ need and for this, they Needed writer’s who can relay information about their stores effectively and this was how the first online content writing jobs emerged.

After the arrival of various search engines like Google, Archive, Yahoo, etc.  The demand for content writers saw a new hike because these search engine’s required people who can document and add new information on their webpages. Because of the contribution of all these people, nowadays information is just a click away from us.

What is content writer

“Content writer ” These two words have quite an extensive meaning. Based on which niche you belong to you can be a Blog writer, copywriter, brand journalist, technical writer, ghostwriter, social media writer, and even ad & promo writer. These all areas belong to content writing and you can pick any one of your interests to kick start your carrier in it. Let’s summarize what they do in a few words.

Types of a content writer

Blog writer –

Generally handles blog posts, interview and articles.

Copy Writers –

Research plan and  create content for advertising purposes.

Brand journalists –

Practice journalism like story telling on behalf of the company to grave consumers’ attention.

Technical Writer –

Prepare articles and instruction manuals to provide complex information more easily to non-technical users so they understand the product uses.

Ghostwriters –

Generally help other people write articles, eBooks, white papers and off-page content. Most important criteria for ghostwriting is that you need to be credible and loyal.

Social Media Writer –

Handles writing, editing and publishing social media posts, quizzes, platform-specific content and various interactive content. Generally used by brands to generate more exposure.

Email Writer –

Create transaction email, news letter, drip campaigns, etc.

Ad & Promo writer –

Aims to attract customers towards their product through writing. It includes product descriptions, advertising copy, sales collateral, etc.

Qualification to become a content writer

One does not require a particular degree to become a content writer. If you want to pursue your carrier in content writing then you can take up content writing as a subject in your graduation causes which would be helpful for you. However, the skill that’s most important for a content writer to have is an excellent command of the language in which one wants to pursue content writing since you will be Communicating with your audience in that particular language so you need to have a complete understanding of it.

Required skillset

Content writing is not about writing a few sentences but it is an amalgam of various skills.

Creativity –

You must be a creative in the way you provide information to your reader because they generally tend to shy away from reading the whole article and just skim over it.

To attract their attention to important points you can do the following things – 
1. Highlights important areas
2. Underline it
3. Italicized it.

Imagination –

The content writers who want to dabble in ghostwriting, scriptwriting, or work as brand journalists should have active imagination. They need to deliver impactful stories so they can create credible images about their respective products in readers’ minds.

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Networking –

This field had intense competition so if you are going to start your gig in this area you should never expect a job to just fall into your lap.

You have to do your own part in form of forming networks, with the various clients in starting phase of your career. For this you can take the help of various social media group’s on Facebook Instagram, etc. You can also actively register yourself on a various Freelancing website like Truelancer, Upwork, Jobshine, etc. to kick start your journey.

You can even try to win jobs by contacting your customers directly through various advertisements.

Research –

Research is the most important part of content writing. I can tell you, why is it so? Suppose you mistakenly upload wrong information about a topic and it went viral so now it has become your responsibility that you delivered wrong information to millions of people which can cause Irreparable damage to your reputation in this field.

Here even a slight mistake can be magnified a million times. So, you must invest ample times to read & research the topic you are going to write about. Proper research not only improves the quality of your content but also provides credible & useful information to all the people out there.

Job Pay scale

Content Writing has a very diverse job market because different people are fluent in different languages and are comfortable in reading and writing in that particular language. It creates a particular niche or targeted audience for the content writers to provide information on various topics. To them what matters most is it you are able to explain something to people efficiently or not.

Like every job for a content writer, pay varies with experience. If you are a newbie you can expect around 250-300 per article. If you are at an intermediate level you can charge around 500-750 Rupees per article. Experienced content writers charge around 1000-1200 per article.

However, in terms of pay per word charges are as follows – 

Newbie Writer’s –

0.25 – 1 rupee per word

Intermediate –

1.5 – 3.5 rupees per word

Experienced –

4 – 7 rupees per word

Seasoned –

10 or > 10 rupees per word


You must remember that content writing as the name suggests is all about content  i.e. Content is the king so you shold never compromised over the quality of your work. Try to provide information to the point and always keep the best interest of your clients in your mind because it is a service-based industry and in this industry, your customers are your assets.

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