Lionel Messi has England as one of his World Cup favorites

Lionel Messi has England as one of his World Cup favorites

Erling Haaland of Manchester City says he ‘wishes’ he was playing in the World Cup and believes England is one of the favorites to win the tournament.

Norway, represented by Haaland, did not qualify for this year’s tournament in Qatar.

This means that after the first half of the season, the young striker will have some time to recover before joining City for a training camp.

Haaland admits that while he ‘wishes’ he was playing in Qatar, he will use the time off to “relax.”

“First and foremost, I wish I were playing in the World Cup,” he said. “But that’s now a reality. “I do not.”

“I will relax my body and mind a lot before I train,” Haaland continued. What will I practice? Nothing noteworthy.

“I think my first months in City have gone quite well, so I don’t need to do as many things or make as many changes, to be honest.”

“So yeah, it’s about preparing for the second half of the season and being ready when the next game starts after the break.”

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After missing out on qualification this year, Haaland is hoping to play in the championship tournament soon.

“I hope to play for Norway, and our dream and reality, the most important thing we can do is get to a World Cup or Euros,” he said.

Despite their poor form this year, Argentina captain Lionel Messi believes England will be one of the tournament’s favorites.

“Whenever we talk about candidates, we always talk about the same teams,” Messi said.

“If I had to pick favorites, I’d say Brazil, France, and England are a little bit ahead of the rest.” But the World Cup is so difficult and complicated that anything can happen.”

Argentina is heavily favored to win.

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