Top 10 Educational Apps For Students in 2022 [India Android]

Education is like  oxygen for a student’s life. But in the current scenario of the covid outbreak, our education system has taken a critical hit. However, there is a ray of hope a opportunity in every adversity which can be seen in the form of various newly developed online education platforms. So to subsidize the loss in our learning, we are introducing you to the top 10 educational apps for students.

Educational Apps For Students


One of India’s leading EdTech unicorn, Byju’s provide an excellent platform for e-learning. It has personalized study plans for students of various fields from too many popular JEE, NEET, CAT courses to e-tuition for kids to sophomores. It has more than 115 million registered students in various programs. you can get answers for your doubts within seconds with excellent teacher support. It also features two teacher model and live classes.

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We are all well aware of unacademy’s tagline “Let’s Crack It! “

That is what it does, It helps students to crack various exams with its affordable and effective study programs. You are just an internet connection away from quality content. It has over 130k+ live classes conducted per month with 2.7bn+ minutes of  videos It features interactive classes, group study, mock tests, quizzes and performance statistics for students.

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Vedantu launched in 2011, provides online tutoring for students for Class kg-12 as well as test preparation modules for JEE, NISE, NEET,KVPY, PSA etc.
It boasts teaching experience of over 5 crore hours to over 10 lakh students in more than thousand cities in fifty seven countries. It ensures to provide free live classes with premium content to every student. it also offers doubt classes and quizzes for better understanding of concept.

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Toppr’s motto is to provide each and every student with a personalized study experience. Their catchphrase is

and they do provide that. Their extensive study materials cover’s syllabus of 22 different boards and 58 competitive exams, they are one of the best doubting solve platforms. It offers live classes, explaining of concepts with stories and animation, question practice, crash course and test series for various engineering, medical and commerce exams.

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Udemy is an online course provider platform aimed at professional students and adults. It can pride itself in having over 49 million learners with over 185 courses in 75 languages.
Over here you can learn anything be it sketching, marketing, photography, web development, cyber security just anything. You name it & Udemy has the course for it. Along with life time access to its certificate courses it also provides its user with a set of notes, quizzes and Q&A. Its a good platform of skill development for enhancement in your career.

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Noon Academy 

Are you getting bored in online classes when teachers just shut off the communication channels? Well, then Noon Academy is a perfect platform for you to have an interactive hire tutoring session with your friends. It is a growing community of over 12 million students worldwide in 7 countries with 100k teachers. They are mainly focused on 9th – 12th students for competitive exams in India. It offers online exams ,revision and practice sessions.

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Khan Academy 

This app provides free world-class education to anybody in need present anywhere on this earth. It is used by over 120 million students in 190+countries around the globe. It provides in depth  courses for mathematics & science as well as in humanities and economics. One thing that distinguishes it from others is that it’s a non-profit organization aiming to level education fields in various parts of our globe. It has over 10k+ videos and practice exercises on math and science along with 40k+ interactive practice sessions with instant feedback.

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Tata Studi 

Tata Studi was developed by Tata class edge is a relatively new economical E-learning app launched in 2021 after 2 years of beta testing. It uses an Adaptive study planner for students along with a facility for parents to check their children’s progress. Currently, it’s available for class 1 – 10th students of CBSE board & grade 1-5th students of ISCE BOARD.

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Upgrad is an online platform that shapes your professional edge in this competitive era. You can study various course’s like MBA, Data science, LLM, Business analysis, etc. from various prestigious universities like Deakin University, Arizona University, IIM, IITs to name a few at affordable price. According to a survey conducted b/n 2nd – 16th October 2021 b/n 1252 students it was concluded that 5 out of 6 learners got positive career growth. It provides 1-1 mentoring from industry experts along with placement support.

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For our last app we have Duolingo, it can help students to learn over 30 + languages with its effective bite-sized free lessons and tips icon that provide explanations of grammar, pronunciation and useful phrases of other languages. Combining the AI with game-like features and fun challenges it builds your skills in your chosen language so that everyone can Duolingo.

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Thank you for reading our article. Do comment if you have used any of the above applications. Do you have any other app that you wish us to add to the list then please share it with us. If you like the post please don’t forget to share it.

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