What is Domain Name? Never Make this Mistake Check it

What is Domain Name with example? 

Domain Name or DNS (Domain Naming System) is a nomenclature by which we can identify a website in the Internet. Domain is a type of address that we use to visit a particular website.

When you search by typing a domain in the URL bar, it gives access to that website. You must know that the software that is there, they understand a different programming language.


You imagine if all the website names were in the same programming language or any IP address, then how difficult it would be for everyone, to find any other website.

that’s why

To avoid this problem, the domain was given a general name, with the help of which any user can easily find any website because the user remembers easy things more easily.

You know that Google is a god, everyone understands, so these domain names are very helpful from a user’s perspective.

In a way, you can call this the naming of your website. Meaning you have to give a name to your website. Just as the name of my website is bloggingyukti.com, in the same way you also have to register the name of your website.


Types of Domain –

You must have often seen that there is always .com, .in, .net, .guru at the end of a website, so let’s know what they are, although there are many types of domains.


Let us know about some of the most important domain types so that you do not make any mistake while buying a domain –

What is the Domain Name

TLD (Top Level Domain)

As the name suggests, this is the most popular and top-notch domain, with the help of which you will be able to rank your website on Google and on which the Google search engine also trusts a lot.

And the most important thing is that we also get Adsense approval easily on these domains.

  •   .com (commercial)
  •   .org (organization)
  •   .net (network)
  •   .gov (government)
  •   .edu (education)
  •   .name (name)
  •   .biz (business)
  •   .info (information)


CCTLD (Country-code-top-level-domain)

These domains represent a particular country. This domain is kept on the basis of a country only.

  • .in (India)
  • .us (United State)
  • .br (Brazil)
  • .cn (China)
  • .ru (Rusia)


nTLDs (New Top-level Domains)

These domains are quite different because by looking at them you can tell what the website is about or which category it belongs to.

  • .course
  • .academy
  • .career
  • .dance
  • .yoga
  • .cafe


What is a Subdomain?

Subdomain This is a part of the domain itself, you do not have to buy the subdomain separately, it is created with the help of the domain, just like my domain – bloggingyukti.com, so if I want to make its subdomain then blogging.bloggingyukti.com in this way Or you can use any other word related to your niche in front.

All hosting providers offer you to create unlimited subdomains, which means you can create multi-sites.


Why is a domain name needed?

A domain name is needed because it gives a different identity to your website and it becomes very easy for the user to find any website, as well as this domain name, gives a professional touch to your website.


How does domain work?

Whenever you search the domain of a website in google, it first goes to the DNS (domain name server).

DNS tells what its IP address is and where and on which server it is stored.

By changing the IP, it is known on which server it is present, after which a request is sent to that server, after processing that request, that particular website is browser-opened on it.


how domains work


Difference between Domain and URL –

Let us now know what is the difference between a Domain and URL (Uniform Resource Locator) –

URL – http://www.bloggingyukti.com  (We can click on it)

Domain – bloggingyukti.com  (we can’t click it)


Where to buy domain?

Now you must have come to know that to create a website you need a domain, then, first of all, you must register your domain, for this there are many domain name registrars with the help of which you can book your domain.

  • Godaddy
  • Bluehost
  • Big rock
  • Hostgator
  • Namesilo
  • Google Domains

Or whatever the hosting company is that definitely provides you the domain, then you can take it from there as well.


What is domain name server?

DNS is an Internet service that converts domain names into IP addresses.

The Domain Name System (DNS) service is used because humans can easily remember the domain name (eg-ehindistudy.com) whereas the Internet which is based on IP address.

Through the DNS server, we can connect to that website by typing the name of any website in the browser as per our wish, while we do not need to type the IP address (eg: -

If one DNS server is unable to translate the domain name, then it asks the other DNS server to translate the domain name and this process continues until the domain name is translated.


How to keep domain name?

This point is going to be the most important point because most of the users make the same mistake that they take their domain name without thinking. The domain gives a unique identity to your website or blog. Makes your blog more professional.

1) You should always keep the name of your domain related to your niche like if you are writing about health then your domain name is healthgyan.com or the way I tell about blogging then my domain name is Bloggingyukti.com is kept because it makes it easy for your user.

2) Try to keep the domain of maximum of 2 or 3 words, do not keep the domain too big

3) You should always try to keep only domains with TLD names because google ranks these domains quickly.

4) Always write the name of your domain in simple words so that users can write and speak easily.

5) Do not try to take a name similar to a popular domain, make your own brand.

6) Do not keep special characters or numbers in your domain name if possible.


Conclusion by Bloggingyukti 

ok, I hope after reading this article your doubts will be finally clear, here I would like to tell you one thing that never is in a hurry to take your domain if your content is in English then .com and if it is in Hindi then you .in can continue with.

If you have any other doubts then comment me I will help you.


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