What is Hosting? How its works, Types, Services, Importance

So let’s know – What is Hosting, but before that I would like to tell you that the craze of blogging has increased a lot, so many young people are moving ahead in the blogging world and they want to make their own identity by joining it. For this reason, we have told about more information related to blogging in our previous blogs and in this blog post we are going to talk about hosting, so let’s start.


Importance of  Hosting 

Today we are going to talk about hosting, so I would not like to tell you that hosting is needed to run any website, without web hosting your website cannot run, and if you are also going to create your website. If so, then you must know about hosting.

Good hosting is needed to host a website. Because if you are not using good hosting, then your website is at great risk, so a good blogger will always suggest you for good hosting.

Now we talk about good hosting that a good hosting is there which keeps your website completely secure and gives good speed to your website.


What is hosting for a website?

We try to understand this with an example, the way you use your mobile phone, whatever images, videos or files you download, it is saved in your phone storage. In the same way, Google, yahoo, bing or any other platform also has a server where all this data is stored.

Now the website that is made of yours is also made on this platform i.e. Google, yahoo, bing, right. This means that your data will also be stored in a particular server so that all the data on your website will be saved and secure.


We cannot maintain this type of server by ourselves because it will be very costly for us that’s why we take the help of web hosting companies to host our website because they have a powerful server of their own. All our data is stored.

Therefore, to create a website, you need a server ie hosting so that you can handle your website in a good way.


What types of web hosting are there

Now we are going to talk about the type of hosting, although there are many types of hosting, but the user should always buy hosting according to his need.

  • Shared  hosting
  • Dedicated  hosting
  • VPS  hosting
  • Cloud  hosting


Shared Hosting

Just like if you are traveling in a bus, it will cost you less to travel.


If the bus gets crowded during the journey, then you may have to face some problem, just like this happens in your shared hosting where different websites are using the same server. If more traffic comes to one website, then it affects all other websites.

shared hosting

For this reason, it is much cheaper than other hosting where you can host multiple websites. I would recommend you that if you are a beginner and starting out then do it with shared hosting only.

Dedicated Hosting

It is like driving your own car in which you have complete rights. Meaning only your website will be being hosted in the whole server and it is completely under your control, you can make changes in its system.

There is never any problem regarding traffic in this hosting, and the performance of your websites increases even more.

dedicated hoting

This is very important for this website, which gets good traffic, if any e-commerce sites whose size is very big then it is perfect hosting.

VPS (Virtual Private Server)

It is like living in a flat in a way where everyone has his own private room in which whatever he does, only he has the right.

Similarly, in VPS, the main server is divided into different virtual servers and a website is given a virtual server where only it has rights.

It gets more space, power and bandwidth than shared hosting, due to which it can handle traffic well and loading time is also good.


Newbies can also use this, if your website is getting good organic traffic and loading time is coming more, then you can also use this virtual server.

Cloud hosting

In cloud hosting, many servers together manage a website. Most of the use of this hosting is done by big e-commerce websites like – Amazon, Flipkart.

cloud hoting

There is a lot of traffic in this website and sometimes it increases at the time of sale offer, because of this cloud hosting is used for this type of website so that it can handle traffic easily.


Hosting provider 

If we see in today’s time, there are many such companies which are providing you hosting and for which they take money from you. I am going to mention here in the name of some such companies which provide you good and secure service.

1)   Hostinger –  click here 

2)   Fastcomet –  click here 


Conclusion by bloggingyukti

ok…… So let’s talk about some knowledge. If you are new in this field and you are going to make your first website then I would recommend you to take a startup plan instead of taking an expensive plan of any hosting !!

Do not invest more than the beginning and first of all, take the knowledge of all things then move forward, the more you do practically, the more you will move forward, and definitely make yourself a mentor who will always show you the right path.

Along with this, if you have any doubt related to blogging, then you must tell me by writing in the comment box below.

Thank You For Reading – What is Hosting? by bloggingyukti 

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