Why Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t like the Glazers

Why Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t like the Glazers

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t been in the news much this season on the field, but a recent interview has generated a lot of controversies.

Ronaldo recently discussed his tumultuous second stint at Old Trafford with sensationalist king Piers Morgan.

The two expertly ensured that the issue remained at the top of the news agenda for almost a full week by spreading it out across a five-day period leading up to the World Cup.

However, it might have been challenging for you to keep up with everything with all the hot accusations floating around. GOAL is fortunately there to assist.

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One statement in particular stood out when the first batch of quotations from the famous interview surfaced: “I don’t respect Ten Hag.”

It seemed stunning at the time to publicly criticize the United manager, but Ronaldo hasn’t exactly kept his genuine emotions hidden this season.

The forward’s body language was despondent and labored even before he walked off down the tunnel after refusing to enter during his team’s victory over Tottenham. He has since increased his discontent, most likely in an effort to convince United to let him out of his contract in January.

Speaking of pandering to the mob…

Ronaldo also found time to criticize United’s wildly unpopular owners, charging that they were only interested in the club’s potential for profit rather than its athletic prowess.

Many have noted that this is somewhat of a self-own since there is little chance that the aging Ronaldo would have been bought in the first place if the Glazers cared about results on the field.

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