Head to Head #GOAL50: Messi vs Ronaldo

Head to Head #GOAL50: Messi vs Ronaldo

Which of these two enduring opponents has excelled over the past 12 months and earned a spot on the shortlist for this year’s award?

The GOAL readers will once again have the opportunity to vote on the world’s top male and female players as well as honor some notable luminaries in our World Cup Wonders category.

We’re asking our readers to pick who wins each category again this year after over 23 million votes were cast to choose the winners last year.

The players with the most victories in each section’s 2,450 possible matches will be declared the GOAL50 champions for 2022.

The matchup between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who have both made this year’s men’s shortlist, is one of the most eagerly anticipated head-to-head matches, much like it was for the GOAL50 from the previous year.

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The pair have made a name for themselves as two of the greatest players in the history of the sport over their storied careers, and despite the fact that they are both past their peak, they have shown over the past year that they still have what it takes to be among the best in the world.

The GOAL50 trophy was won by Messi last year, bringing him even with Ronaldo, who had previously won it five times each.

Will they both or one of them be competitors this time?

Despite having a challenging first season in France, Messi nonetheless concluded the year as the French champion with Paris Saint-Germain, having been a crucial part of their championship win under Mauricio Pochettino.

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Only Kylian Mbappe has more assists in the league than Messi’s 14, and he’s had an incredible start to the 22-23 season, contributing to 17 goals in his first 12 league games.

Even though Messi, who is now 35, isn’t quite the same player he was when he was in his prime with Barcelona, the generational superstar is still anticipated to be one of the stars of the upcoming World Cup, where he’ll be eager to win the biggest trophy in sports.

Ronaldo, who had a much more difficult season to date, will be attending the World Cup after playing intermittently for an Erik ten Hag-led Manchester United squad.

Even so, he disproved his detractors by concluding the previous season with 18 Premier League goals—only two players scored more—turning back the years to demonstrate that he is still capable of succeeding in English football.

Ronaldo’s devastating two-goal performance in Portugal’s 4-0 thrashing of Switzerland in a Nations League match in June may have been a preview of things to come, and at 37, he—like Messi—certainly knows it’s his final opportunity to secure a historic international victory.

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