Google Algorithm All Updates 2021 New Facts For Adsense

If you are also in the blogging world, then you must have heard about the Google algorithm. Yes, so today we are going to talk about – Google Algorithm All Updates, friends google also keeps bringing new changes in its algorithm and these changes are sometimes so major that you can down your website’s ranking or else.

Your website can also grow in ranking, in this condition the new blogger benefits a lot, the chances of them getting ranked increase.

Google Algorithm All Updates

Google Panda update

Panda update came in (24 February 2011). Its goal was to out-rank websites with only low content, meaning if a blogger is not writing a user-friendly, blog or its content is copied from elsewhere, then google punishes such sites, either Google will not rank them or Then Google can also ben their website.

google panda

How to save

1) Your content or images should not be copied from anywhere

2) You never have to do keyword stuffing in any of your articles, that means do not write the same keyword again and again.

3) You have to give a good experience to your user, that means if he has come to read your blog, then your goal should be that he goes completely satisfied.


Google Penguin update

Penguin came in update (24/04/2012). The goal of Penguin update was to out-rank such websites which adopt black hat SEO and rank their site.

google penguin

How to save –

1) You never have to create a wrong backlink by spamming or from anywhere.

2) Always create a link naturally, that is, if your site is related to health, then you also have to make a backlink from a health website.

3) Never create a link on your own keyword again and again.


Google Pirate update

Pirate update came in October 2014. Its goal is to punish only such sites on which a copyright report is attached, meaning that such content on which someone has complained that it has been copied from my sites, then he can complain to Google from where this update will help. Google punishes such sites.

google pirate update

How to save –

1) You never have to copy its content or images from any other website.

2) If you want data or images of that site, then you have to take permission from its owner.


Google Hummingbird

Google came in hummingbird update (22 aug 2013). Its goal was to understand the intent of the user, that whatever the user is searching in Google, then what does he need in real and what to show him. Whatever user is coming to your website, it should go only after being satisfied.

Google Algorithm All Updates

How to save –

1) You have to always keep your keywords long tail or medium so that you can keep the intent of the user clear.

2) The intent behind the user’s search in Google should be clear to you.

Example:-  If a user is searching in Google by writing “best parlor near me”, then what does it mean?

Yahi and not he needs a parlor in his surroundings, then this intent we have to understand what is the demand of the user.


Google Pigeon update 

Google came in Pigeon Update (22 April 2014). Its goal was only to strengthen the local search result. That is, if a user is writing “best hotel near me”, then the job of this update is to track the user’s own location and show him the hotel near him.

Google Algorithm All Updates

How to save

1) If you have made a local SEO or business website of your business, then never misguide or give wrong information to any user.

2) You have to set up an account in google my business for this.


Google Mobile-friendly update 

Google mobile-friendly update took place on (21 April 2015). As the name suggests, for what purpose did google bring this update, its only goal was that your website should be completely mobile friendly otherwise google will never rank your site.

How to save –

1) You have to keep your website design mobile responsive.

2) Your website should have good loading speed on mobile.

3) Keep doing the mobile-friendly test.


Google Rankbrain update

Google rank brain update took place on (26 October 2015). Its goal is to provide the user with his search intent and also to see how much the user is satisfied by which blog post. This means if a website with 1st and 2nd rank is getting more CTR in 2 then Google will not take long to do it in 1 because this update has come only because.

How to save –

1) Focus more on the intent of the user or on their problem

2) Write such content that the user can stay for as long as possible

3) Improve bounce rate… For this, you can put interlink.


Google Possum update 

Updated on Google Possum Update (1 September 2018). Its goal is to give you the best result according to your location.

google possum

How to save from possum –

1) You can target your location.

2) If there is a local keyword in your location, then definitely use it.


Google Fred update 

This happened on Update (8 March 2017). Its goal is to out-rank only such sites which rank their sites or do black hat SEO just to earn money.

How to save –

1) If you are trying to bring traffic by running ads, then try to do this in limitation, this may down the ranking of your site.

2) Over ad show should not happen. Nor should pop-ups come more, they spoil the user’s experience.



It was updated on 30 September 2012. EMD update means that earlier it used to be that if your domain is and you blog any article related to cricket then it used to be ranked at once but now it is not so because after this update of google Even if your domain and article are matching, now google will rank only a good article.

How to save –

1) Your article should be good, should not be a low content article.

2) If you want to be saved from this, then publish at least 15 articles of 2000 words.


Google Broadcore Update

This update happened on (25 March 2019). Its goal is only to improve the user experience.

How to save –

1) You have to focus on only one good content

2) You have to avoid writing too short content.

3) Write your article above at least 1500 words


Google Core Update 

This core update came in May 2020, its goal was to bring only good content to rank, meaning google does not want its user to get old content or any wrong information, so it ranks fresh content, the right information, and user-friendly posts. Getting it was the only goal.

Conclusion by Blogging yukti

I hope this blog has been valuable for all of you but here you have noticed one thing that Google’s winnings have also been updated, their only goal was that they must be able to provide the right information to their users and the experience of all the users is good.

If your content is also similar if you are also providing good value in your content and people are liking it, then any update of google can not do anything to your website and ranking.

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Thank You for reading.


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