What is CPC,CTR,CPM,PPC,SEM [Short Update 2022]


If you are in the world of blogging, then you must have heard the names of all of them like CPC, CTR, CPM, SEM at once, because all these are very important factors in the world of blogging. So today we will talk about them, after all what is the role of all of them, why are they so important, let’s know about them in details

What is SEO

It’s full name is (Search Engine Optimization) It simply means to optimize our blog post in such a way that we can rank it and get free traffic in our blog post. Talking about SEO, it is directly related to the intent search engine, where all bloggers want their blog post to be ranked because users always like to go to the first page website so that their time is saved and they get the right information quickly.

Type of SEO

On Page SEO

On-page SEO we do in wordpress through plugins like – Fast So, Rank Math, Rates. According to this, we have the title of the post, keywords, links, images, metatag, internal and outbound links, etc. These are all important factors which help in ranking our blog posts, that is why this page becomes very important.

Off Page SEO

After we publish a blog post, we mention or promote our blog post on all social media platforms ie YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook or any other place, then the same is called off-page SEO. With this we can take more traffic than most.

What is SEM

It’s full name is (Search Engine Marketing). Same means the traffic coming to your website will be called paid traffic and the traffic that you bring by sleeping is called free traffic. You must have heard about Facebook etc., YouTube etc. and must have also seen how the company uses advertising to increase its reach, in the same way, search engines do marketing to run a website. With the help of this, you can rank without any domain authority, backlink.


By the way, this is not right for everyone, if you have a company or have a product that you want to sell, then you can do it. Let’s see an example –

Name of Ads

What is CPC

It’s full name is COST PER CLICK. This is a type of payment option that pays to the publisher when a customer clicks on a link or clicks on an offer from a company/advertiser. CUPS is also a type of Internet marketing formula used to determine the price of banner ads. Some advertisers also pay publishers for the number of times their banner ads were clicked.


What is CPM

It’s full name is COST PER MILE. Here m \u003d 1000. It is also called (cost foot thousand). CPM According to the number of impressions you have in any particular banner / link ads, you can charge accordingly. This refers to the cost per thousand page impression in online advertising. I would like to tell you that all the following networks like – Google Adsense, Adsense, Poster, all these use CPM to calculate revenue after a website.


What is CPS

It’s full name is COST PER SALE. This is a very good and famous online marketing method.If we talk about the present time, then it is useful for both publisher and advertiser.Because in this you get a commission for every successful sale. I would like to tell you that all the affiliate programs are based on this cost per sale model.


What is PPC 

It’s full name is PAY PER CLICK. This is a model used in paid marketing. Which helps them to manage the flow of investment in an easy way. Instead of paying Google by cups, with the help of Pups, you only have to pay when someone clicks on a post and someone performs or takes some action. And that payment is set by the advertiser.


What is CTR 

It’s full name is CLICK THROUGH RATE. It refers to the percentage divided by the number of users who clicked on the ads on the website page to get the number of times they delivered in the pages.

Example –  If a banner was delivered to me about 100 times (100 impressions) and a person clicked on it (which recorded the clicks) then the resting level would be 1% and it would be displayed with 1.0.

It is very useful because it gives us an idea of how many % of users who engage or view the web page and those who click on any particular item located on the web page.This method is also used to make it successful for someone else. A high click through rate lets the website owner know which ads are getting more clicks.


What is CPL 

It’s full name is COST PER LEAD. This is the most different online advertising option, which it does for the organization. Which depends more on the amount of lead they will generate per money invested by them. In this type of marketing option, when the user clicks on an advertisement banner, he is redirected to the target site and he gets the option to fill a form on that and is asked to perform a subscription as if he . As soon as that user performs that action, then the lead gets generated.


If you have observed then it is good thing but I would like to tell something here that this process of online advertisement is in 3 parts –

Content creater – They create content on the Internet. Those who are blogger or YouTuber. This content can be in both video or text.

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Advertisers – To promote their business and to display their ads, they use the sites or channels of the creators, they are the real business owners.

Advertising Agencies – As it reduces the mixing of both creators and advertisers. So that the advertiser can reach the ads through the right publisher to the targeted users so that everyone can benefit.

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