What is DA PA – 7 Amazing Tricks Last Update 2022

Today I will share with you What is DA PA So dear friends, if you have a website and you do blogging, then you and all other bloggers have the same goal or dream that how to rank the post and you are seeing how much competition has increased in digital marketing.

What is DA PA

One thing I want to clear here is that if you are blogging, then you will have to be patient because here is your strategy, content, SEO technique, and the Dr. of your website, meaning how old is your domain, these are all the factors that affect your ranking position.

With these factors, today we are going to talk in detail about The and P, how important it is for your website and what you should do to increase your domain authority so that you can rank your website.

What is DA

It’s full name domain authority. As the name suggests, the authority of the domain is being talked about here. It grades any website from 1 to 100, on the basis of which we can find out how many chances of a website being ranked on Google. The higher the domain authority of your website, the higher the chances of our post getting ranked.

Here I would like to share my experience with you that Google never trusts any new website, that’s why it always gives more priority to the website with domain authority, that’s why you should keep working on your authority along with your content. If your domain is new then its authority will be 1 and it grows slowly.

How to check Domain Authority

To check domain authority, you will find many tools on the internet, using which you can check the domain authority of your website, but we will use the best domain authority checker tool Moz company who brought DA, it will give you the best tool link – Moz.com

How to Increase Domain Authority

The authority of your domain is never the same, it keeps getting more or less but increasing the authority of the domain increases the chances of ranking in your search engine. Some important points to increase it.

Domain Name

Friends, here I will tell you one thing your domain name matters a lot, if you want to make it a brand, then buy a short and good domain by thinking about the domain name. If you want, you can read our previous post for this where we have covered all the questions related to the domain- Click here


You should never copy-paste the content from any other site, it will never benefit you, it is better that you identify your skillful talent and start writing on the same topic in which you really have a lot of interest. With this, you will never lack content nor will you face any problem.

Internal Link

This is very important because we have to keep our incoming users for as long as possible because it affects our ranking a lot and if we rank then traffic will come and traffic will increase then guise post and the page will be one.


The most important factor, you must do on-page SEO and off-page SEO of your blog because in today’s competition it is very important to do the right SEO and apply the right strategy.


Never be in the trap of making more backlinks because we need quality backlinks which is equal to the same 100, that’s why quality backlinks should be made.

Link building

To do link building, you must comment on other blog posts related to you from below, which will give you two-follow backlinks, and at the same time, gradually the popularity of your blog will also increase automatically.

Bounce rate & site speed

Yes, both of these also have a big role in increasing the ranking position of our website, if the site speed is good, then the response of the user will be good and Google wants its user to get simple things easily, that’s why it always ranks the same site. Which is user-friendly and satisfying content.

What is PA

Like dA, PA is also created by Moz. It’s a full-form page authority. As you must have read about domain authority before, it decides the authority of your domain in Google. The page authority is the page of our website according to it. It deduces its authority that what will be the potential of that post or page to be ranked.

How to check Page Authority

Page authority app Moz and DA PA CHECKER to check it.

How to Increase Page Authority

1) Writing good content in the site’s posts. If you keep your content good, then your page authority also starts improving automatically.

2) Keep the backlink profile of your site strong, that is, make both means follow and two follow links. Do not create backlinks for your site by the wrong means.

3) keep updating your blog post.

4) Most important your entire site should be mobile-friendly.


Well, by the way, you must have come to know what you have to do now for your website, what are the things to keep in mind so that you can rank your website soon and make good earning but if you are blogging So don’t ever be demotivating, because here you need something the most: Patience. It’s all about the game??

So keep smiling and keep reading blogging tips and if you have any doubts then comment to me I am ready to help you….


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